Type WON

Type Won

I was 25 years old when I was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes. I was working as a consultant in an interior area of Uttarakhand in a Govt Industrial Training Institute. I was managing to visit doctors every weekend and was travelling from my workplace to Dehradun frequently. My diagnosis was a mystery for every doctor […]

Why am I getting Low Sugars?

This patient is hypertensive and Diabetic for 40 years. Recovered from Covid-19 two weeks back (during Covid his sugars went up to 484mg/dl).  His Daughter contacted Dr Deepak Dalal for management of her father’s diabetes When he approached us, he was having one major trouble with low blood sugars and at the first visit itself, […]

Food AGE Index

Clinical significance of food Advanced Glycation End Products Index or AGE index and its direct relation to NCDs – Non Communicable Diseases. Our body cells undergo the ageing process progressively from birth to death and that can be measured, quantified by certain chemical parameters, called AGE indices. A classical example is GlycohemoglobinA1c. This is a measure […]

Type 2 DM Detection

I wish I hadn’t ignored the symptoms…! Most of the newly detected type2 diabetes when they come to the clinic often say that their diagnosis was an accidental and unexpected one and they never felt any symptoms. Recently we had an elderly lady admitted to the hospital for very high sugars. Her story goes on similar […]

Thermal Burns with Peripheral Neuropathy

Thermal Burns with Peripheral Neuropathy Before Treatment

A Matter of 100sec of Barefoot Walking   Age: 53-year-Old Male Diagnosis: Diabetes Type 2, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, Peripheral Neuropathy: Absent Sensations (Anaesthesia) (Since 10 years), IHD angina h/o: Pedal Edema (2017) HbA1C:  7.8 % (11-3-18) This is an interesting case of chronic peripheral neuropathy. This patient had visited his hometown in Gujarat in the month of March 2018. Since the […]

Better Nutrition Key to Development

Better Nutrition Key to Development

Television sets blared with “Ache din aanewale hai” a few months back indicating: (Hypothesis) ‘A prosperous future is in store for 1.25 billion people of India’ (Fact) India will be diabetes capital by 2030 India has 10 Crore known diabetics India has 10 Crore undetected diabetics India is third most obese country in the world […]

Fight FAT, FLAB, FATIGUE to stay FIT!

Fight FAT, FLAB, FATIGUE to stay FIT!

November is the month when one hears a lot about diabetes, health care and so on, as November 14 being observed as International Day of Diabetes.  The challenge is higher with increasing age, being overweight, having high blood fat, or blood pressure, poor eating habits, sedentary life style with no exercise, mental tension, tobacco and/or […]

From Cleaning Up to Celebrations

From Cleaning Up to Celebrations

Can our “Festival of Lights” be equated as the almost the Indian version of The Thanks Giving week celebrated in USA or the Chinese New Year, where there is almost a week of holidays. Diwali, Deepavali, or call it by any other name this is a festival that no Indian would miss – be it […]