Patient and family education and empowerment have been the basic theme of our clinic since the beginning, 1981 till date.

Our dream of venturing into health care saw the light of the day in the year 1981. We wanted to coach our patients in a day to day management of chronic ailment to the best of their abilities, especially Diabetes and that gave the birth to a well-equipped nursing home named as Ami Nursing Home in Juhu Lane, Andheri West. One of the busiest suburbs of Mumbai, Andheri had its first Private ICCU unit for critical health management with this nursing home.

As the famous saying goes ‘Prevention is better than Cure’ we enhanced to chronic care delivery with patient education and empowerment model which included lifestyle changes, blood sugar monitoring, and provision of the right amount of medicines and/or insulin. We realized, we emphasized and practiced this at each patient visit and conducted regular patient education classes.

This was step further in prevailing medical practice and even today this tradition continues in Our clinic, as well as at Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and at National Diabetes Education Program. Our education activity did not stop at our clinic, it has spread to cities like Nagpur, Bangalore, Bhavnagar, Rajkot, Ahmedabad and Lucknow.

The dream of empowering patient and family for self-management soon became reality. Our vision “HEALTHINESS With  HAPPINESS along with lifestyle transformation and optimal use of investigations, medicines and insulin led to starting ‘Health Centred’ i.e. the present clinic at Juhu in 2011. The word Health Centred was coined with the focus on healthiness and happiness at every step in our clinic.

Our Team consisting of Diabetologist, Doctors, Dieticians, and Diabetes Educators works towards the joint mission of educating and empowering patients and family members and medical fraternity in self-management of metabolic syndrome, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases.

We promised to take care… & deliver

  • Excellent Doctor. Gives enough time and is very humble and polite . I am very much satisfied with the medicine prescribed and due to extensive counseling on lifestyle transformation ,now mostly it can cure my Diabetes. I especially recommend people with my own experience, to at least once visit Dr.Deepak Dalal.
  • Dr. Deepak Dalal is good in nature. Lots of patience & gives proper timing to each patient. I was having a corn problem in my legs because of which ,I was unable to walk but ,he educated me and showed me how to scrub and,  keep it neat and clean. And within few minutes , I was relieved from the pain.
  • The doctor was very informative and above all encouraging ,which is required, when a patient is first diagnosed with Diabetes. I feel comfortable going forward with his treatment and I believe I am in safe hands.
  • Amazing! A live example of everybody’s need to have a Doctor who is Human, Warm, Understanding, Professional, Expert and Focused to your recovery and healthy state, who can connect so well with a layman. I highly appreciate his rare ability to connect with and cure the patient without casting any worry to the patient and his family. Appreciate his wisdom for preventive care focused services.