Thermal Burns with Peripheral Neuropathy

A Matter of 100sec of Barefoot Walking

Thermal Burns with Peripheral Neuropathy Before Treatment

Thermal Burns with Peripheral Neuropathy After Treatment
Thermal Burns with Peripheral Neuropathy After Treatment


Age: 53-year-Old Male

DiagnosisDiabetes Type 2, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, Peripheral Neuropathy: Absent Sensations (Anaesthesia) (Since 10 years), IHD angina

h/o: Pedal Edema (2017)

HbA1C:  7.8 % (11-3-18)

This is an interesting case of chronic peripheral neuropathy. This patient had visited his hometown in Gujarat in the month of March 2018. Since the time he was diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy patient used to wear cotton-padded socks as prevention always.

One afternoon, before his prayers he removed his socks and went to his courtyard and walked for barely about 5 feet barefoot at about 4 pm in the afternoon. Within 100 seconds his both feet were burned (as shown in the picture above) and the patient did not realize it because of a lack of sensation in his feet. The temperature that day was 42 degree Celsius. Blood sugars were normal on this day.

Due to the thermal burn, his skin was reddish, crumpled with a lot of water discharge from the feet. He applied an ointment and went ahead for prayers. The next day he came back to Mumbai and visited a Diabetic Foot Specialist who advised antibiotics and advised complete bed rest.

He visited us after 36 days of bed rest (picture 2)

We gave him simple instruction to follow for better and complete recovery.

  • Complete bed rest and leg elevation
  • Trained him in wearing crepe bandage perfectly

Visual Demonstration for Crepe Bandage wearing technique:

Meanwhile, instructions for blood sugar control continue along with regular home blood Glucose Monitoring.

The patient had an impending trip to his pilgrimage place so we advised him on Foot Air Support and wheelchair assistance during travelling.

Peripheral Neuropathy is where the nerves that go to the legs, arms, hands and feet are damaged due to exposure to higher blood glucose levels

Common symptoms include

  • Tingling
  • Numbness
  • Burning
  • Sharp shooting pain
  • A feeling of being pricked with pins and walking on a soft mattress

Diabetes peripheral neuropathy increases the risk of foot ulcers and amputations.

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