Does the child show signs of:

• Urinating more frequently than usual, particularly at night

• Rapid Weight loss and muscle bulk loss

• Feeling very tired and/or thirsty

• Treatment aims at maintaining normal blood sugar levels through regular monitoring, insulin therapy, diet and exercise.

• Cut down on junk food, and administer a proper diet

• Consult a doctor for medical advice

• Lab tests or imaging always required

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• Diabetes (type 2 or adult diabetes) is 100% reversible disorder.

• This disorder occurs because of continuous and progressive erratic lifestyle.

• Erratic lifestyle means junk food and no physical exercise/activity. This leads to fat overloading throughout the body.

• Fat overloading opposes action of hormone called insulin.

• When insulin action is opposed blood sugar rises causing diabetes.

• So Diabetes is not a disease of sugar but disorder of FAT OVERLOADING.

• Initially there is no trouble (BIG Trouble). This is always preceded by long period of symptom free weight gain, increased waist, black lines and skin tags on neck.

• Latter on common troubles are excess thirst, urination, hunger, tiredness, weight gain, infections, numbness and tingling of feet and hands.

• If diabetes is not controlled it can culminate into disaster called paralysis, heart attack, kidney failure and amputation.

• Disaster and disease can be prevented by just maintaining weight and waist in ideal range.

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• Gestational Diabetes Mellitus is occurrence of diabetes first time during pregnancy and it usually subsides after pregnancy.

• GDM usually occurs in females with obesity, acanthosis and skin tags, family history of diabetes and PCOS.

• This can be without any symptom. Hence only way to diagnose is to do blood sugar check up.

• GDM must be treated with lifestyle changes and insulin if needed for better outcome of pregnancy.

• Following delivery GDM patient must reduce and maintain ideal body weight and waist to avoid recurrence of GDM and occurrence of diabetes in future.

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Prediabetes is fore runner of future diabetes.

It is characterized by

• Acanthosis nigricans (black lines) and skin tags on neck.

• Waist Circumference Males more than 90cm and females more than 80 cms.

• Person may have symptoms of low sugar on fasting, in between meals and after meals.

• Person may have excess sweet cravings, and on checking blood sugar he may have low sugar levels. He may continue to consume more sweets to avoid low sugar till it culminates into diabetes.

Only treatment to avoid diabetes is to maintain waist and weight as mentioned above with lifestyle transformation (Diet, exercise, stress management

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