Introduction to Nutrition

There are 4 wheels of our Health Car: Nutrition Therapy Regular physical activity Monitoring Medications

Nutrition Therapy is the first wheel and medicines the last wheel of the four-wheel theory of our health practice.

We completely believe in the power of nutrition in healing and reversing lifestyle-related diseases like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidaemia.

At every encounter, we encourage our patients for the same.

The human body is like a vehicle and nutrition is its fuel.

Will you put KEROSENE in your petrol car and expect good performance?

The quality of fuel will determine the performance of the vehicle. Whether you supply junk food to the body or supply nutritious food to the body is a CHOICE!

There are over millions of cells in our body functioning in synchrony which determines our functioning and quality of life. Each cell requires optimal nutrition for its survival and best performance. Like a road gives away with first rains when made up of substandard materials, similarly, our human body also deteriorates with substandard quality of food at each meal.

The word Diet has been misunderstood for a long time. People usually vary for going on diet with the false mindset that their life will now be sabotaged to eating only fruits and salads for whole life!!!

Diet basically means the kind of food that FAMILY habitually eats and, it can be healthy or unhealthy. The choice of diet (healthy or unhealthy) determines whether it will help to nourish the body cells or they will have to work hard to flush out toxins and chemicals that come with the junk and processed foods.

A healthy diet never ever means starving for long hours or overeating one group of food (and expecting miraculous Health Gains) or eating only ‘ghaas- phoos’ or living under the wrong impression that I am sick so I need to DIET.  A healthy diet comprises of giving the best kind and correct amount of nutrients to the body at each meal. It includes eating at regular intervals, eating fresh foods, drinking enough water. It has to be adopted as a way of life and not a temporary FIXING to improve a few blood reports.

At our clinic, we help you plan healthy food and regular physical activity, which suits your current lifestyle and schedule. Also focusing on improvement in the lifestyle-related disorders that you may be experiencing.

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