Obesity Cardiac Challenges

• Obesity is the seed of metabolic syndrome, diabetes, ASCVD- Heart Attack, Paralysis, kidney failure, blindness and foot amputation.

• Even after the onset of diabetes and ASCVD, control of obesity can prevent and sometimes reverse certain complications.

• Management of obesity needs burning desire to achieve health with proactive lifestyle transformation – behavioural change, healthy eating habits, and healthy physical activities.

• Ancient and modern medical science has accepted lifestyle transformation as inevitable and medication and surgery as a secondary tool. (story of Ashwini Kumar)

• Obesity is an epidemic and is affecting almost every family member including children at a tender age.

Manage obesity at the Family and not only Individual level.

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Diabetes is Heart Attack equivalent. This means that presence of diabetes is as good as already having one heart attack. Also diabetics are prone to have silent heart attack (30%).

BEFORE Heart Attack

Its is essential to control overweight, waist, hypertension, blood sugars, blood fats, tobacco and alcohol cessation to avoid future occurrence of heart attack.

Yearly check up of ECG, 2D Echo, and if needed stress test ECG and coronary angiography must be done.

Lifestyle transformation and preventive therapy is corner stone. And once above parameters are abnormal, aspirin and statins are required on life long basis.

AFTER Heart Attack

All precautions before heart attack must be executed regularly and religiously on life long basis after heart attack to prevent another malady.

You must join a cardiac rehabilitation program, that will help you make lifestyle changes as follows;

    •    Maintaining a healthy weight, and waist is most crucial target,

    •    Modifying your diet,

    •    Exercising to get your strength back,

    •    Quitting smoking and/or drinking,

    •    Learning to deal with stress

•    People with chronic unexplained fatigue, breathing difficulty (dyspnoea), or symptoms of fluid overload, sudden Acidity or Gas, uncontrolled hypertension  with or without previous heart attack must be suspected for cardiac failure.

•    It can also occur due to hypertension, age-related fibrosis and hypertrophy, CHD and uncontrolled diabetes.

•    Treatment includes management of blood sugar, blood fat, blood pressure and fluid overload.

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•    Hypertension is a silent killer. As it can be asymptomatic.

•    It is known to damage brain, heart, kidney, liver, lungs and blood vessels throughout the body.

•    Diabetes, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia and obesity is a lethal combination.

•    Treatment involves regular home BP monitoring, charting and treating with lifestyle transformation and proper medications. Do not avoid medications especially when * no trouble*.

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