Insulin Injecting Technique

While Injecting:

Insulin Storage: Do not freeze insulin. Do not store insulin in sunlight or in area like window seal, car desk board. Take insulin onboard with you in a coolant pouch when traveling by airplane. Do not put insulin into luggage that will be stored away from you.

Insulin Pens: Store unopened insulin pens/cartridges in the refrigerator in the butter compartment at a temperature of about 4.45 C until the expiration date listed on the pen. Opened pens can be stored at room temperature, but not above 30 C for maximum 30 days and if refrigerated then can be stored for 3 months.

Repeated insulin injections in the same location can cause fat and scar tissue to accumulate causing hard discolored bumps under the skin at the injecting site & is called as lipohypertrophy. These lumps can interfere with insulin therapy. The mass of tissue may slow your absorption of insulin, causing up and down in blood glucose. Later, the delay can cause your glucose levels to become dangerously low or high. Lipohypertrophy makes diabetes disease management more difficult.

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