Type 2 DM Detection

I wish I hadn’t ignored the symptoms…!

Most of the newly detected type2 diabetes when they come to the clinic often say that their diagnosis was an accidental and unexpected one and they never felt any symptoms.

Recently we had an elderly lady admitted to the hospital for very high sugars. Her story goes on similar lines; she had to get operated on for her cataract. Her opthal asked her to get a few blood tests done before being operated and she stands with Fasting blood sugar of 350mg/dl and post-meal 440mg/dl. She was aghast and in denial.

On talking to her daughter and asking her about what trouble her mum is having currently, she said, ‘except high blood sugars on paper,  nothing else’

Then on probing further and discussing the symptoms that a normal diabetic person has she suddenly realised that “oh mummy since 6 months used to urinate a lot, almost twice thrice an hour, was eating more, feeling tired all the time in spite of eating more, lack of concentration as well”

Here it is…! these are classic symptoms of blood sugar being high..

Her immediate reaction was “ Oh my god, why dint I do something that time when I saw mummy suffering from all of this, I should not have ignored it and visited a doctor that time, now unnecessarily mummy has to suffer so much and get hospitalised.”

It is very important to get an annual blood check-up done for everyone, with /without trouble postage of 45 years. Some people do not check thinking if something comes abnormal then I will be stuck with medicines forever. This is a dangerous attitude and the biggest misconception.

Here is a list of few diabetes-related symptoms. If you are facing any of these or know of anyone having these please get yourself tested before it too late.


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