Food AGE Index

Clinical significance of food Advanced Glycation End Products Index or AGE index and its direct relation to NCDs – Non Communicable Diseases.

Our body cells undergo the ageing process progressively from birth to death and that can be measured, quantified by certain chemical parameters, called AGE indices. A classical example is GlycohemoglobinA1c. This is a measure of abnormal ageing and its level is directly proportional to organ damage. Another chemical is Carboxy Methyl Lysine- CML content in plasma after food intake. Research confirms that as food CML increases, plasma CML increases in direct proportion.  Food induced High plasma CML, has a direct relationship with overweight, pre-Diabetes and ASCVD, Diabetes, Heart Attack, kidney failure and cancer.

So there is a direct link between food AGES, body AGES, NCD- Non-Communicable Diseases and Cancer.

Are you aware of this data?

To make it simple let’s see data about potato:

  • Raw potato has natural CML INDEX OF 17.
  • When you roast it is 250,
  • When made into homemade french fries it is 600 and McDonald french fries are 1500+.

So cooking progressively at a higher temperature, with oil, with chemicals progressively increases food CML contents and its disease-inducing and complicating ability.

So now you know well why boiled potatoes are not harmful but french fries are and McDonald French Fries is the worst of the lot. Another fact about FOOD CML data- plant-based raw food has minimum or lowest CML content versus raw animal food.

Plants mean green leafy vegetables and pulpy veggies, fruits, roots, nuts, dry fruits, oily seeds, pulses, grains in that order. Animal source means milk, eggs, fish, birds, animals source.

When plant-based food articles are cooked at high temperatures especially with oil, CML increases. But when animal-based foods are cooked at higher temperature with oil, CML content jumps to a very high level.
Therefore plant-based minimally cooked less fatty food improves health and animal-based maximally cooked oily food spoils health.

This information is shared without any prejudice and for LOKHIT.

Warm Regards,

Dr Deepak Dalal

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