Better Nutrition Key to Development

Television sets blared with “Ache din aanewale hai” a few months back indicating:


‘A prosperous future is in store for 1.25 billion people of India’


India will be diabetes capital by 2030

India has 10 Crore known diabetics

India has 10 Crore undetected diabetics

India is third most obese country in the world

India has 29.8% hypertensives

India has 10% of women with PCOS

NAFLD is around 9-32% in general Indian population

CVD will be the largest cause of death and disability by 2020 in India (WHO)

All of above have TWO things in common;

One: Black lines and skin tags on neck called Acanthosis Nigerians & skin tags on neck.

Second: Progressively increasing waist lines and weight

Better Nutrition Key to Development
Better Nutrition Key to Development

We have successfully eradicated polio, smallpox, rinderpest & tetanus from India, when or who will strive to eradicate malnutrition (i.e. over and under nutrition)???

Nobody except YOU can do that!

Primarily challenge/change is whether;

  • one can wisely decide what is right and wrong for themselves in terms of health & lifestyle
  • is one willing to implement the already available nutritional resources

Then comes the question of developing it further. Knowledge without implementation leads to wasted efforts.

Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam dreamed for a developed India, let us fulfil this dream and become HEALTHY WEALTHY & WISE.

True development can be achieved when mind is full of ideas and body sans any disease.

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