The experience was really wonderful. I had lost hopes of weight loss because of hypothyroidism. But with the help of the doctor's advice and observing the diet plan given by his dietitian I could do it. I m following his every instruction for good of my health.
Had come to Dr. Dalal through reference. The entire staff starting from the reception desk to the coordinators was very helpful. Very informative and precise. Looking forward to a speedy recovery and a better relationship.
I feel positive about the new changes that are happening in my life. I believe in myself. I am confident that I can handle my own self. I don’t look at myself as a weak person. I like to move on to a better path and a path that will make me a better person mentally and physically. I know for now that I am moving to a positive direction.
The experience was really wonderful. I had lost hopes of weight loss because of hypothyroidism. But with the help of the doctor's advice and observing the diet plan given by his dietitian I could do it. I m following his every instruction for good of my health.
Had come to Dr. Dalal through reference. The entire staff starting from the reception desk to the coordinators was very helpful. Very informative and precise. Looking forward to a speedy recovery and a better relationship.
I feel positive about the new changes that are happening in my life. I believe in myself. I am confident that I can handle my own self. I don’t look at myself as a weak person. I like to move on to a better path and a path that will make me a better person mentally and physically. I know for now that I am moving to a positive direction.
The doctor is very positive and energetic. He gives enough amount of time to each patient. Explains everything to the core. Clarifies all our doubts with satisfactory explanations and gives motivation to the patient.
My experience was very helpful. It acknowledged me about my body. Main thing was to improve the body from within instead of focusing weight. The entire team is very kind and helpful. They are there to help you and guide you regarding the all problems.
I am diabetic patient and very happy to inform that due doctor’s hard guidance, treatment and better team work I am able to control my diabetes. I feel now fit and good. Iam deeply obliged to Mr. Dalal and his team for this supportand treatment.
The experience with Dr.Dalal is really fantastic.The personal care which he gives is most important. The advise and the counselling by the dietician was very much important for me as I learnt the insulin sites from her. Following Dr.Dalal's advice and the diet has brought down my insulin intake drastically.
Excellent consultancy. Rare to find such a capable and humble person despite so much expertise and achievements.
Wonderful to talk to, takes care each issue and hears very patiently. The staff is also very courteous. It is an wholesome experience. He uses modern gadgets to diagnose and explain the remedies.
I am very much satisfied with the Doctor's Treatment. It was a sort of a realization that we should have consulted him much earlier. Excellent consulting assured us, effective, timely remedial measures, for the prevalent disorders and put us on path of healthy and quality lifestyle through preventive approach.
​I got comprehensive solution to my diabetes and thyroid problem and general health. The periodic check up of sugar and thyroid along with diet control , exercise prescription, and guidance on weightand stress control has enabled me to enjoy excellent health during over 15 years of association.
The doctor was very informative and above all encouraging, which is required when a patient is first diagnosed with Diabetes. I feel comfortable going forward with his treatment and I believe I am in safe hands.
It was a very wonderful experience of my life, when I visited Dr. Deepak Dalal's clinic. My weight was 48 kg initially and I lost weight about 10 kgs, most of the times I used to feel weak due to Type 1 diabetes, but after 2 days of my visit my blood sugar reading came to near normal range, and after 2 months my weight increased up to 8 kgs. It was a miracle in my life and I would like to thank Dr. Deepak Dalal and his team.
The doctor was extremely patient, and made us comfortable. He very well explained and solved our problems and showed ways to tackle them. I would like to thank him for that. We will be consulting him in the future as well.
Dr. Deepak Dalal is a Patient Listener, very Systematic in his approach to treatment, gives Good Advice and is Excellent in counselling stubborn patients. One visit to his clinic is sufficient for you, to gain back your lost confidence.
My experience was very good with the Doctor.  I am very much satisfied with the Doctor's nature and his treatment, and also the efforts taken by the clinic's staff.  I am suffering from diabetes, from past six months but now, I feel good about my health.  In future, with my good experience, I will suggest any diabetic patients to visit at least once to Dr. Deepak Dalal's clinic.
Nand Kishore
I am extremely happy with the Doctor's treatment. He has always stood beside me at the time when I really needed him. He gives his precious time to make us understand & satisfy all the queries which we have no matter how many patients are there. He guides me in such a way that helped me not only to reduce the weight but also keep my sugar level under control. I am really happy from bottom of my heart and will continue with my treatment with him, in the near future.
It was my first visit and we were happy as the Doctor heard us out patiently with our problems. I am Looking for around two visits, to measure my health results compared to that as before. Moreover, I feel the second visit should be a little informative compared to that as before. But I liked the Doctor as he sounded promising in curing my disease.
Nicely explained the details so that, I could understand the implications and, act on them. He spent his valuable time, to clear our doubts even though, our enquiries were repetitive. All aspects like pain management, diet control etc., were explained.
The doctor is very understanding and good in nature. He listens to the problem well and explains it to you, in layman’ s language. His approach is also very good. He also encourages, to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Overall experience was very good.
Dr. Deepak Dalal is good in nature. Lots of patience & gives proper timing to each patient. I was having a corn problem in my legs because of which, I was unable to walk but, he educated me and showed me how to scrub an, keep it neat and clean. And within few minutes, I was relieved from the pain.
Excellent! He has a Holistic approach to the disease management. Extremely sympathetic to a patient. Very cool approach.
To contact and communicate with Dr. Dalal is quite easy. His diagnosis is comforting and gives a feeling that, the Doctor is an expert in his field.
Good experience! Dr. Dalal always has a humane touch to problems. He never hurries and he is always positive in his way of doing things. Good Doctor in today’s time of stress.
The doctor did discuss with me in detail, to understand my problem and analyzed the issue carefully, before prescribing further treatment.
Doctor is very cooland calm minded. A Very good listener provides every instruction in writing. He would never get annoyed or arrogant for repeated questions from patients.
Doctor is very good and very well organized. He is very approachable and lisns to our queries, answers them, with great patience. He is very good and intelligent Doctor.
He is brilliant as always, in diagnosing the problem. Dr. Deepak Dalal is very friendly in nature. He also knows my history and takes action accordingly.
Mohammed Siddique
Thank You Dr. Dalal! For all the informative & useful speeches by you & many thanks for the Consultation. Wishing you good health.
I have been consulting Dr. Dalal for last over 6-7 years for diabetes and I find him a very methodical and very good doctor. He has been able to control my diabetes effectively.
Best wishes and blessings for stepping into “Second Breath” of Life's mission. May God shower all that is best for you.
My experience with the Doctor was Good. He gave us proper guide linesand encouraged us to do better & better to, live a Happy & Healthy Life.
Doctor explains on everything which is convincing. Even Dietician Preksha explained nicely and gave a very fruitful diet.
Best doctor! An excellent human being, thorough in knowledge. Takes care of the patient thoroughly well.
He is a very good Doctorand is patient enough to listen to your questions and answer them. He gives sufficient time to each patient during the treatment.
He listens to all my problems patiently which is the best thing for any person with any kind of health problem. He is approachable.  I have been consulting him for almost five years. And I had a good experience so far.
Knowledgeable Doctor, explains well, and is updated on the subject. He looks for a long term cure and not too much in favor of recommending medicines, unless it is needed. He gives good advice and answers all our queries.
My journey with Dr. Dalal is a great one. After a very long time, I have met a doctor who cares about Patient's happiness and not only medical well-being. He hears me out always and helps me towards mental and physical well-being. I am really happy now and would like to thank Dr Dalal for this and also my friends who suggested that I should visit him.
The experience with Dr. Dalal was the best. He is very soft spoken to his patients. He explains things to them as to, what they can do and what not to do. I’ve never seen the other best ways in which, a doctor could keep patients on track than what Dr. Dalal has done using modern sources like anandroid app. Lastly, he knows how to interact and ask the patient his problems with their sugar levels.
My experience with Dr. Dalal was very good. He explains well in detail, to all our questions softly & nicely that, we never feel we have gone to a Doctor.
Doctor and his team is very good. He is very positiveand guides us nicely. Very approachable. I am very happy with my treatment with Dr. Dalal.
A very good Doctor. He was very helpful in making me understand my problem. A unique way of fighting the disease. One that is not at all stressful and is effective.
The doctor was very good as he gave us sufficient time. He listens to us and motivates us to keep a positive approach. We are happy with the doctor as my problem has been solved. If I get a chance to give him Stars I would give him countless stars.
Doctor helps you understand clearly the test results and what are the precautions to be taken. The whole team is very well equipped to address a patient query. Was very happy with the consultation and I am going to follow the advice given by the doctor.
Dr. Deepak Dalal is like a Living God to me. I am blessed with a very good treatment from him, and I feel very good about my health. I follow his treatment totally, and I am indebted to him for his continuous help and support.
Great Experience! I will recommend others too. The best part is that, he listens to your problems patiently and tries to help you.
Diabetes and it’s management. Well explained, and through check up . Fully satisfied . Even the dietician and her advice was good . All support staff were friendly too.
Awesome treatment and replies to the queries. Will never make you feel that you are under treatment. Techno savvy and friendly.
Doctor is very calm and friendly in nature. Medication and approach to treatment are very impressive and knowledgeable.
The doctor has throughout knowledge regarding his treatments. He is very polite and to be very genuine, I did not feel like a patient, ambience was like my family. I would like to thank him for that.
My experience with the Doctor was very nice. He is my friend, and he correctly guided me, to modify my previous line of treatment. He is a loving & caring Doctor. In the present scenario, it is difficult to find a doctor like him.
Dr. Sudhir
I am very much satisfied with the treatment and the Diabetes management. He is one of the Best Doctor in Mumbai.
Amazing doctor! You’re half cured once you meet him! Experienced and down to earth personality. Complete knowledge on the subject. Gives you all the attention required.
Dr. Deepak Dalal is very patient, calm, knowledgeable and friendly. He went through the entire case history before suggesting a course of treatment.
Dr. Deepak Dalal is probably the best Diabetic Doctor we have in town. I am his patient for the past five years and my father is taking his treatment for 15 years, he is a fabulous doctor and a splendid human being.
Very good experience with Dr. Dalal.  His personal attention to each patient, listening and replying to the queries and doubts is highly appreciated.
Since last 8 years, I am taking treatment with Dr. Dalal. He is an excellent Doctor.
Dr. Dalal is very Hard Working, Intellectual, Honest, God Fearing, Sincere, Straight-Forward and Knowledgeable. I wish him all the success in his profession.
Dr. Suresh
Indeed, a great meeting with you. You are a very genuine doctor. Your nature of going in-depth details and excellent knowledge in the field will help society in a great way.
Excellent experience, approach, and explanation. Dr. is very friendly and polite. He explained the solution in detail and for that, he gave sufficient time. The prescribed treatment is effective
He is an Excellent Doctor. Gives enough time and is very humble and polite. I am very much satisfied with the medicine prescribed and due to extensive counselling on lifestyle transformation, now mostly it can cure my Diabetes. I especially recommend people with my own experience, to at least once visit Dr Deepak Dalal.
I have visited many Doctor's before, but I have never found a Doctor like Dr. Deepak Dalal. He convinces the patients so well that, helps many of us to achieve our goals. He is very friendly & very polite in nature. He creates positive energy which boosts the patient’s confidence level.
It was really very helpful information provided by the doctor. I was quite satisfied with the way he has explained which gives me confidence.
Amazing! A live example of everybody’s need to have a Doctor who is Human, Warm, Understanding, Professional, Expert and Focused on your recovery and healthy state, who can connect so well with a layman. I highly appreciate his rare ability to connect with and cure the patient without casting any worry on the patient ad his family. Appreciate his wisdom for preventive care-focused services.
Mr. Bhatt
We visited Dr. Dalal for my husband as per a friend's recommendation. After the detailed visit was over, we felt so much relieved. Dr Dalal and his team took over the total charge of my husband's health. Suggested the correct way of taking medicines, correct diet and correct lifestyle. We saw the immediate result in his blood sugar readings. We immediately decided to take my mother in law also to Dr Dalal. We are feeling so sure of getting good health with all the required support from Dr Dalal and his team.
The first impression of Dr. Dalal is extremely down to earth with no Doctor's attitude.  He was very patient in listening to all my problems and explained it to me what can be done in a very simple language. When you meet him you don’t feel that you are meeting a doctor but, you feel that you are meeting a very close friend. All your queries are answered and you feel satisfied. Very Patient and Jovial Doctor.
Dr. Deepak Dalal is a very experienced and respected Doctor in his field. He is modern in his approach and uses all the modern methods to deal with his patients. His dealings and follow up is prompt. I have been under his care for almost 10 years and, have always found Dr Dalal to be helpful and most importantly – positive. He is gentle, well-mannered and very patient when dealing with his patients. I am 200% satisfied with Dr Deepak Dalal.
It was very nice experience visiting Dr. Dalal Clinic. Staff had told us that for the first time visit the wait would be long and it was truly worth the wait. Right from the Doctor, to the Dietician and the entire staff is very caring and keep the needs of the patient a priority. Dr Dalal explained my disease in such a manner that I came back with a positive frame of mind with the confidence that I am going to get better. Even the Dietician Utsavi gave me a lot of positivity and gave me a diet that was suited to my taste and also healthy. Overall a very Happy and enlightened feeling.
We are happy and fully satisfied with the guidance given by Dr. Dalal. Initially, we were confused about the direction of treatment given by the earlier doctor in Mangalore. Proper treatment and diet guidance are very important for the child which was explained and we had more clarity after meeting Dr. Dalal. We are more glad about her progress with minimum medication and proper diet under the guidance of Dr. Dalal. The glycosylated Haemoglobin from 7.5 to 6.1% is remarkably achieved under Dr. Dalal Guidance. I am glad that we travelled all the way from Mangalore to Mumbai and very happy with the progress of our daughter. Thank you Dr. Dalal.
When I first came in to meet the doctor, my readings were clinically not in a good shape. I was almost about to be hospitalized. The approach Dr. Deepak Dalal took was very different from any traditional approach Doctors take. It starts with explaining patiently the current situation the final goal and the importance of discipline. The entire team of his energetic doctors are there to give good life and health than just fixing things temporarily. The approach is to improve lifestyle and quality of life than just medication. I appreciate and thank Dr. Deepak Dalal and his team for motivating patients like me to lead a disciplined life.
"Being at the right place, at right time", that’s how I would describe my experience with Dr. Dalal. Past couple of years, I have been running from pillar to post. My mother who is 66 years old suffering from thyroid. Within 2 months for the first time TSH is normal and she has gained weight. She seems to be happy and at ease. She looks forward to meeting Doctor for her follow up because; he explains things to her like a child. He gives complete attention and time for me as well, as I am physically challenged all he told me is to lose weight and now I am able to walk easily. I would definitely recommend Dr. Dalal to everyone. BEST DOCTOR!!!
Shama & Rabia
Dr. Dalal gave us the natural comfort level while communicating with us which normally is not felt talking with a super-specialist medical professional. This approach of his made both of us - myself & my wife - open up ourselves to express our fears, our misunderstanding/misconceptions, myths about the symptoms & effects of diabetes. We were given point by point explanations in a layman's language which absolutely removed all our doubts, & concerns about our treatment which in fact made us feel as if we are normal beings & as healthy as we were. This reassurance has given us a psychological rejuvenation sort of for leading our balance life span free of any mental baggage.
I had visited umpteen number of doctors, but my ordeal on diabetes and thyroid-related sufferings never came to an end. Burning of feet, blurred eyesight, burning and itching on passing urine, and lethargy were some of the problems. On my first visit to Dr Dalal in September 2017, I was wondering whether he was going to be like the other doctors whom I had visited earlier, those who give less time to listening problems and gave medication only based only on pathology reports. But, here it was different, I was examined and the dietician gave me a good diet plan, keeping in mind my diet pattern. Later, Dr Dalal spent time with me and listened patiently to all my problems. He then spoke to me in kind words offering me solutions. A month later after his medication, when I visited him again, I was feeling energetic, and very positive. For the first time after much sufferings, I felt better, like I had placed myself in the right hands and rightfully Dr Dalal and his team have done a wonderful job by putting me on the right track of medications.
Diana Fonseca
I came to Dr saab with Diabetes and cholesterol. Dr. Saab and team advised and convinced me that I should reduce my weight by 12kgs and waist by 15 cms. I felt like a huge mountain to climb but thought of taking baby steps to get there. In the process I was convinced that it was working like magic. Started feeling better and looking better. A lot of friends and colleagues commented that I was losing weight suddenly and tht my jawline was showing and the stomach was flattening. Haven't received comments like that in a long time. I was more convinced than ever before. Dr. Dalal inspired and spent a lot of time with me into making me think right and convincing me that lifestyle changes can cure me of diabetes and cholesterol to the point that I can be rid free of all medications. My wife too was with me and took it upon herself to make me healthier and partnered me whole heartedly in my efforts. Today I have lost a total of 4 kgs and 5 cms around my weight and waist. The feeling is euphoric. I am on the right path and intend to achieve the right BMI with the good intentions of Dr. Dalal and his team. I want to thank you Dr. Saab and his team for making this possible for me. P.S. - the excess fat is only a disorder and not a disease and so I move on convinced.
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