Regular follow up with your diabetologist is a stepping stone to reversal of Diabetes

Importance of Follow-Up

As time goes on, you will find that with diabetes, as with life in general, you will gradually tend to do what is easiest or most enjoyable at the moment. This backsliding is quite common. We all need a little nudge to get back on track.

Dosage requirements for insulin or medicines may change over time, whether due to weight changes, to deterioration or improvement of complications, stress or health in general. So there’s an ongoing need for readjustment of these medications.

The best treatment for the complications of diabetes is prevention.  The second best treatment is detection in the very early stages, while reversal is still possible.

Frequency of Follow-up


If your sugar is not controlled – MONTHLY

If any complications due to medicines, insulin – WEEKLY

            On follow up at Health Centred, certain tests are performed as per requirement:

  1. HbA1c
  2. Urine test
  3. Body Composition Analysis
  4. Foot examination
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