Diabetic Complications

The nerves that go to the legs, arms, hands and feet are damaged due to exposure to higher blood glucose levels

Common symptoms include

• Tingling

• Numbness

• Burning

• Sharp shooting pain

• A feeling of being pricked with pins and walking on soft mattress

Diabetes peripheral neuropathy increases the risk of foot ulcers and amputations.

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Peripheral vascular disease is a condition where the arteries supplying blood to the legs develope some blockage. Fatty deposits build up in the inner lining of the artery walls of the legs making them narrower, hindering blood flow and can even stop the blood flow to the feet completely.

Many a times Peripheral Vascular Disease is asymptomatic. If symptoms do occur , they may be;

• Cramps in calf muscles due to walking or climbing staircase, pain relieved by rest.

• Infections or sore on feet

• Slow wound healing process

• Feeling numb or cold in the lower legs

• Pale or blue tinged legs

• Loss of hair on legs

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