Samavat New year – Time for a Resolutions – Walk, Exercise stand be healthy

Are you disciplined in your routine or have to be routinely disciplined? As a child you may have followed a set time table in your school and college, you precisely knew the time at which the subjects were taught, the time of the recess when you would quickly grab a bite, or the long recess when you would have your dabba leisurely. Get home and finish tuition, go to play, get back, sit and study, watch tv, surf the internet and go to sleep.

As you joined work, you still followed a routine of the time you left for office, the time you reached office, and the time you reached back home after finishing a hard days work. This established a patter on routine and you followed it in a disciplined manner. Managing so many things simultaneously – time, money, people (family and friends), leisure time and so on.

In all these activities, most of us tend to not manage on two factors – first being food, and the second being fitness. It is important to have the right food that nourishes you, instead of having fat abundant foods that are fried, calorie rich and unhealthy. One has to engage is some kind of exercise and it can be as simple and easy like walking.

Regular walking exercise is most essential. It is a physical prayer to be done daily, it is a must like pooja-namaj.

Resolve to walk one hour a day. You can do it in one sitting, either in the morning or evening. If you are pressed for time then you can walk for 30 minutes twice a day, or 15 minutes 4 times a day, or 10 minutes 6 times a day. But do walk.

If it is not possible to go out due to time and place constraint, age, illness, bad weather or pollution, then it is essential to walk at home e.g. if we cannot go to the Temple we can pray at home.

If you have joint trouble, arthritis of ankle, knee, joint pain, then use soft cotton padded socks and soft canvas shoes for walking (even in the house.) This will protect your joint from further damage. Prefer walking, climbing during your daily routine, thus reducing use of rickshaw, taxi, car, elevator as far as possible. Regular walking exercise shall help you in preventing your Diabetes, High Blood pressure, High Blood Fat, and Heart Attack.

Happy Cleaning Up, Happy Dhanteras, Happy Diwali, Happy Dhanteras, Happy Lakshmi Pujan, Happy New Year, Happy Celebrations

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