Dishani Mehta

Dishani Mehta

Clinical Nutritionist, Educator
MSc in Dietetics, BSc in Dietetics and Nutrition
Diploma in International Patisserie and Confectionery
Diploma in Obesity and Weight Management

Dishani Mehta’s professional journey as a nutritionist has been enriched by a diverse range of experiences. She has notably served as a nutritionist at a prominent Pilates studio, where she seamlessly integrated her expertise in nutrition and wellness to support clients in achieving their health goals. Furthermore, Dishani has undertaken internships at prestigious hospitals, contributing to her extensive knowledge and skill set in the field of nutrition.

With her diverse skill set, Dishani excels in creating delightful culinary experiences while providing valuable guidance on nutrition and weight management. Her expertise spans the culinary arts and nutrition, allowing her to create delicious yet health-conscious meals.

She is the visionary owner of D’Organics, a brand known for its healthy foods.

Beyond her academic qualifications, Dishani’s passion for helping others and her natural empathy sets her apart. She believes in fostering a positive and supportive environment for her clients, enabling them to overcome obstacles and embrace healthier habits with confidence.

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