World Diabetes Day & Children’s Day

Yes, You Can! When one thinks of November 14 the first thought that comes to our mind is about Children’s Day and Chacha Nehru. The other important event is of great significance to India, for we are considered the world capital for that… the day is also observed as World Diabetes Day. Diabetes will be the world’s seventh largest killer by 2030 unless intense and focused efforts are made by governments, communities and individuals.

A fourfold rise in the number of diabetics has been observed. India, China, and USA are among the top three countries with a high number of diabetic population. The numbers climbed in India from 11.9 million in 1980 to 64.5 million. Prevalence of diabetes has more than doubled for men in India (3.7 per cent to 9.1 per cent and has also increased by 80 per cent among women in India (4.6 per cent to 8.3 per cent).

What is alarming is that an increasing number of children are developing diabetes, with up to 90 percent of all childhood diabetes being type 1, where children are dependent on insulin for survival. Most children with type 1 diabetes are not diagnosed on time. The awareness levels about the disease are not as high as they should be, a common assumption being that diabetes affects adults and not children.

If you have diabetes, or know anyone who has diabetes, there’s no reason for you to get disheartened. Diabetes is not a sickness. It is a state of health in which the sugar contents in your blood sugar exceeds beyond stipulated levels. 

The unchecked rise of sugar level in your blood damages blood vessels and nerves hence disturbing smooth functioning of various organs- eyes brain heart both kidneys and feet.

In order to access the control of your diabetes you are required to do blood sugar check-up and understand from your doctor about self-care of your diabetes. You need to change your dietary patterns, consume more of fibre and protein and less of sugar and starches and fat in the diet.

Under the advice of your diabetologist – a doctor specialized in the care of diabetes – if you regularly take recommended diet, medicine and exercises like walking (do yoga) you can most certainly manage diabetes and live a long healthy life.

The invention of insulin has made a major breakthrough in helping to control diabetes and its complications. To that extent diabetics today are far more fortunate than those before the discovery of insulin in 1921.

The prescribed doses of insulin if taken together with exercises, diet control and cultivation of certain mental discipline, it will help you to lead a life with complete self-expression and happiness.

Modern living has become tense. Reasons can be many like competition, children, education, problems in getting admissions to schools/colleges, small accommodation, towns overflowing with population, commuting to places of work, congestion, generation gaps, are some of the causes.

All these add on to produce tension in a person. Leading a balanced life has become a hassle. These circumstances disturb the peace of mind easily. That is why you find there is an increase in the incidence of diabetes in our present time especially at the young age.

Some people inherit diabetes from their parents, some get it because of their obesity, some due to mental tension and if you are careless you could help it grow. However, if you are one of those who have the determination to control diabetes, chances of success are abundant.

As America looks forward to their next President, one remembers the slogan by Barack Obama in 2008 – Yes You Can! So Let Health Bless you!

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