Wholistic approach to Health

My mother Surabhi has been under Dr. Deepak Dalal for the past 2 years to treat Diabetes and Hypothyroidism.

We as a family are firm believers in “Natural and Drug free living”. We believe that the mind & body have the power to heal.

Considering we don’t believe in medication, to find a doctor who has an inclination towards natural living was hard. But, making sure her diabetes was in control was of utmost importance to us.

We followed the natural way by eating right, exercising daily and most importantly thinking right yet we felt the need to have a professional who could handle it from a medical point of view. We needed to follow a middle path by not going completely off medication yet following a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Deepak Dalal was a mix of both the worlds for us.

We believed in eating fruits while most doctors don’t advise the intake of fruits if you have diabetes. Dr. Dalal is one of the few diabetologist who takes a very holistic approach to health. He gives medication but also focuses a lot of things like diet & exercise. He has always been patient with us and has stood by us every time we went to him with a whole lot of questions. His practical and positive outlook towards the whole thing made life easy for a family like us. We have been happy to be under his guidance.

A Yoga Coach, Based in Mumbai