Treatment for Obesity

Malnutrition is of 2 types, one where the person is very thin and malnourished and other overweight (over-accumulation of unhealthy fat) and yet deficient in nutrients.

There is a widespread deficiency of nutrients among the population, with over nourishment of one i.e. FAT. Fat releases toxic material continuously and silently damages all body organs. The irony is that in spite of knowing this, we are happily allowing this fat to accumulate progressively all over our body. (Pragnya-Paradh)
Besides being a cosmetic concern, obesity is the main foundation stone of an unhealthy body, a trigger factor for diabetes, blood pressure, fatty liver, and clogged arteries causing heart attack and paralysis.

Most common causes of Obesity

  1. Unhealthy eating habits
  2. Lack of physical activity
  3. Late sleeping habits
  4. Genetic factors, ethnicity, family history

Except for Genetic factors, ethnicity, family history all of the above causes are reversible and require sincere efforts.

When your weight is in a healthy range:

  • Your energy level and, work, productivity increases.
  • Your look is leaner and fitter and healthier.
  • Your body circulates blood more efficiently.
  • Your risk factor for developing diabetes, blood pressure and other metabolic diseases and medications reduces considerably.
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