Silent Heart Attack in Diabetics

A 68 years old Male living with Type 2 Diabetes visited us on 28thmarch 2019 for uncontrolled diabetes. Inspite of HbA1c of 13.5%, patient had no complaints typically associatiated with Diabetes (Hyperosmolar Hyperglycemia). Has a history of Knee pain and itching at genitals since long.

As port of our clinic protocol we asked him to get a few preliminary blood tests done along with ECG and fundoscopy (to be done annually for all diabetes).

Fundoscopy report was normal and remark on ECG report showed WNL which stands for Within normal limit.

When Doctor evaluated the report he immediately asked the patient whether he has a history of heart issues as the ECG clearly indicated an OLD HEART ATTACK. Patient said he had no history or any symptom related to heart ailment. Thus this was a case of silent heart attack

The important point that we want to bring to notice is that it’s very important to get all medical related report to be accessed and interpreted by the specialist.

Since it was a Old Heart Attack nothing can be done about it but corrective and preventive step can be taken to avoid similar incident in future with correct counseling and guidance.

Precautions and Prevention Steps to avoid further complications:

  1. To maintain Ideal body weight
  2. To maintain waist line below 80 cms for femails and 90cms for males.
  3. Blood pressure less than 140/80mmhg
  4. HbA1c below 7%
  5. Fasting blood sugar below 120mg/dl and Post Prandial blood sugar below 160mg/dl
  6. Regular follow-up with the specialist.
  7. Regular monitoring of blood parameters
  8. Remain happy.