Phone Plan For Insulin Dose Adjustments

We have a special service called as Phone Call Plan to save frequent clinic visits and make dose adjustment convenient from your home.

Just Follow these 3 Simple Steps

  • Check Blood Sugar      
  • Enter in Google Sheet
  • Call us next day

Four blood tests using Glucometer to be done on Wednesday & Sunday of every week

  • Fasting blood Sugar
  • Two hours after breakfast
  • Two hours after lunch
  • Two hours after dinner

Once you enter the reading in the e-sheet shared by the clinic kindly call us next day on 8779001598 between 10am to 12 noon only from Monday to Friday for understanding the medicinal & insulin dose adjustment.

Duration of the phone plan is for 3 months and check the expiry date of the plan and renew it regularly to avail the continuous service.


  1. This is not an emergency calling or email service & calls have to be done only on above given day and time.
  2. Enter your blood sugar readings, weight, waist, Bp, HbA1c readings in this excel sheet regularly. Access to this sheet remains with you and the Clinic. The entries you make, automatically gets saved. Downloading this sheet and mailing back is not required.
  1. When the sugar levels rises or goes low, right click on the mouse and select insert comment option and mention the reason (excess or less food, change in the activity pattern, stress, missed medication, excess insulin or less insulin taken or any other). This will give a better clarity for insulin & medicine dose adjustment.
  2. Once you enter the reading please call the clinic (during clinic timings) on the days Dr. Dalal has instructed and understand the changes in the insulin dose & medications on phone itself.

To enroll or for any queries get in touch with our diabetes educator Ms. Rekha Gala