My Personal Care Book


If you have diabetes, you are one amongst a crore of diabetic patients in our country. However there’s no reason for you to get disheartened. Once you decide to manage your diabetes intelligently you can make it your friend and live a healthy life.

Diabetes gives you an opportunity to lead a disciplined lifestyle, which is not possible otherwise.


Diabetes is NOT a sickness. It is a state of health in which the sugar content in your blood exceeds beyond stipulated levels.
The unchecked rise of sugar level in your blood damages blood vessels and nerves, hence disturbing smooth functioning of various organs i.e eyes,brain,heart, both kidneys and feet.

In order to assess the control of your diabetes you are required to do blood sugar checkup and understand from your doctor about self-care of your diabetes.

With the advice of your diabetologist – a doctor specialized in the care of diabetes – you can most certainly manage diabetes and live a long healthy life provided you learn to follow the recommended diet, medicine and exercises.

The discovery of insulin was a major breakthrough in helping to control diabetes and its complications. To that extent diabetics today are far more fortunate than those who were diagnosed before the discovery of insulin in 1921. The prescribed dosages of insulin, if taken together with exercises, diet control and cultivation of certain mental discipline helps you to lead a life with complete self-expression and happiness like any other non-diabetic.

Modern life is a life of tensions and anxieties. And the reasons are aplenty – stiff competition, children, education, problems in getting admissions to schools/colleges, small accommodation, towns overflowing with population, growth of dejobbed economy, commuting to places of work, congestion, generation gaps, are some of the causes. All these add on to produce tension in a person. Leading a balanced life has become a hassle. These circumstances disturb the peace of mind easily. That is why you find there is an increase in the incidence of diabetes in our present time especially at the young age.

Some people inherit diabetes from their parents, some get it because of their obesity, some due to mental tension and if you are careless you could help it grow.

However if you are one of those who have the determination to control diabetes, chances of success are abundant.

Read this PERSONAL CARE BOOK carefully. Follow the instructions. Maintain the record. Consult the doctor periodically. Observe religiously the daily schedule of diet, exercise, sleep and medication. You are bound to succeed in leading a NORMAL, HEALTHY LIFE.

Let Health Bless You.