1. Masala Roti

Ingredients Amount
Wheat Flour 1 Part
Processed Soya Flour/ Besan/ Moong Dal Flour 1 Part
Sprouts (Moong, Chana, Matki, Chole, Rajmahetc half crushed) 1 Part
Grated Vegetables (Onion, French beans, Capcium, Dudhi, Cabbage, Spinach, Carrots, Methi, Radish leaves, Coriander, Mint etc.) 1 Part
Salt As per taste
Roasted Jeera seeds As per taste
Roasted til seeds As per taste
Green chillies As per taste


  • Mix all the ingredients. Add low fat curd and Knead dough.
  • Roll small chapattis and dry roast them.

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