Increase Your Protein In Take

When you increase pulse intake and reduce cereal intake you can increase protein content of your meals.

Increasing protein intake helps in the following;

  • Reducing your fat – responsible for disease and its complications
  • Increases your muscle mass thus increasing your resistance power and reducing weight and Insulin resistance.


  • Boiled
  • Taken in form of vegetable or Usal
  • Soaked and Crushed
  • Sprouted form

–  To be added in pudla, dhokla, Idli

  • Soaked, Crushed and Fermented

–  Dhokla, Idli, Meduwada, Dosa

  • Sprouted Raw

– Can be added in Salad, Raita, Dhokla, Pudla and Idli

  • Sprouted Cooked and Steamed

–      Salad, Raita, Vegetables, usal or incorporated in Parathas Thepla, Soups, Upma and Poha

  • Roasted

– Chana, Soya bean (available in form of flour, nuggets (nutrella), Soya chunks and Soya paneer (tofu)

  • Soya bean flour can be added in the wheat flour while making chapatis.
  • Soya chunks /nuggets can be added in pulav, noodles.
  • Soya paneer can be replaced for the normal paneer in some recipes.

Use Mung, Math, Chana (Raw, Steamed or Cooked) as a filler or ingredient in the following food articles.

  1. Pudla
  2. Dhokla
  3. Idli
  4. Noodles
  5. Meduwada – Boiled
  6. Dosa
  7. Raita
  8. Salad
  9. Tawa Parathas (Roasted)
  10. Theplas
  11. Upma
  12. Sandwich