I was so happy on picking up my painting brush…once again!!!

68year old Mrs Hansa Bhatt was recently bestowed with the Title ‘SWAYAMSIDHA’ by Brahman Samaj Mahila Mandal Charitable Trust at a recently conducted function at Kalidas Natyagruh- Mulund, Mumbai. She is working with AlWC and is also associated with ‘Akhil Hind Mahila Parishad and Ankur’ and had collaboration with Fevicol Company as an artist in the past.

The back drop of the story is interesting!

Being a diabetic since a few years, she had a peculiar problem. She would work hard to bring her weight down and control her blood sugars. Would swim regularly and try her best at eating healthy. But her levels never came down. On probing once she mentioned that she would get stressed when her house keeping staff used to not follow and execute her instructions completely. This daily house hold chores related stress would spike her blood sugars. Being perfectionist by nature about the work, this agony became a routine. Married to a renowned Bollywood writer and actor she also had a lot of free time in hand since her husband’s work included long travels and hectic work schedules.

During one counseling session she happened to tell Dr.Dalal about her artistic skills and her past work in art. Doctor tapped on this point and pursed Mrs.Bhatt to pursue this skill once again. Along with being creative, the positivity she had with in, helped her accept this challenge. When you do what you like, happy hormones are released in the body which helps you calm down. She soon started spending her time in artwork, taking classes for underprivileged children, keeping exhibition for charity, gifting the artifacts she would make etc.

This led to magic..! She was off INSULIN…


Stress and high blood sugars are old friends. As her time was invested in productivity she started let going of the stress build up she had. And along with following diet and exercise she started showing good results and her blood sugar control to a point were there was progressive decrease in her insulin doses and finally one day her insulin was stopped and she was on basic medications to maintain blood sugars. As of now she 9 kgs. down and awaiting for the routine 3 monthly Hba1c test which is due.