Physical activity is a physical a prayer to be done daily.

If it is not possible to go out due to time and place constraint, age, illness, bad weather or pollution, then it is essential to walk at home, just like we would sit at home and pray if it is not possible to go to the temple.

If you have joint trouble, arthritis of ankle, knee, joint pain, then use soft cotton socks and soft canvas shoes for walking (even in the house.) This will protect your joints from further damage.

Preferable to walk, climb during your daily routine, thus reducing use of rickshaw, taxi, car, elevator as far as possible.

Walk for 30 minutes twice a day

OR          15 minutes 4 times a day

OR          10 minutes 6 times a day.

  • Diabetes prevention programme DPP* has proved that even 30 minutes of daily slow walk, at least 5 days a week can prevent diabetes.
  • Take small snacks before you begin your walk
  • Do not walk on an empty stomach – to avoid low sugar attack
  • Do not walk for 2 hours following meals to avoid strain on the heart and to avoid heart attack.
  • If you have Ischemic heart disease (Heart attack) chest pain can occur after heavy meals food intake and if you do physical exertion after heavy meals, you have more chances of chest pain – heart attack.

Regular Walking Exercise shall help you in preventing your

Diabetes, High Blood pressure, High Blood Fat & Heart Attack

Walk in addition to your routine work.

When you walk, walk with a spring in your step and with faith in your heart

Do other activities – household & Business activities, Yoga, Pranayam, and Meditation, Competitive sports –Fun games etc. in addition to your walking exercise.