Dusshera – A New Beginning

Happy Dussehra, Vijayadashami, Happy Ayuda Puja. Time to Celebrate with some sweets and savoury! Time to indulge, but it is also time to introspect.. on various matters concerning LIFE! Some look at their business, work, finances, other domestic matters, and so on.

Today marks the triumph of good over evil. Popular celebrations include: Lord Rama killing Dashanan Ravana, and also victory of Durga over the demon Mahishasura. The goddess fought with evil for ten days and nine nights. “Vijayadashami” is derived from the Sanskrit vijaya-dashami (victory on the dashami:

While you want to succeed in your life, and wish all the challenges get conquered, remember, your life is largely in your hands because you can decide how you live and what your priorities in living are. This is the mantra for success.

Our mantra goes one step further in desiring holistic success for you, by urging you to be `health centered’ in your approach. Why live with an attitude of what you cannot cure, you have to endure. ‘Health is a state of Physical, Mental (emotional) & Social well being’.

Being in reverence towards the very earth that you walk upon, towards the air that you breathe, the water that you drink, the food that you eat, the people that you come in touch with and everything else that you use, including your body and mind, will lead us to a different possibility as to how we can live. How do I manage my health is the burning question.

Well-adjusted people, enjoying what they have set out to do and not being continually stretched beyond their capabilities, and involved in good relationships, are unlikely to be ill.

To make such a choice, it is necessary to understand the

  1. Various Risk Factors
  2. The Causes And Incidence Of Common Diseases;
  3. To Know About Yourself,
  4. Your Aspirations,
  5. Attributes
  6. And a few other basic facts. Are you ready to make a truly objective assessment of your health and future. A New Beginning — Happy Dusshera!
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