Diabetes Reversal Story

Successfully Reversed Type 2 Diabetes in 3 months

Story of Aniket Kumar

The Magic of Eating Healthy food & Lifestyle Changes

This is a short & a very inspiring story of Mr Aniket Kumar age -32 who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in the month of February when he had gone for his regular body check-up after having complaints like weakness, lethargy, tiredness, dizziness on one afternoon. He successfully reversed from Diabetic to Non-Diabetic condition by just being consistent with his healthy lifestyle, regular exercise & having healthy balanced meals.

Aniket Kumar- 32 years

Hello everyone, This is my story about type 2  diabetes and the way in which it  GOT REVERSED. The good news is that I am no more a diabetic.

I monitor my blood sugars regularly and I feel blessed to share that my results are just as normal. I was very fortunate and blessed in having a lot of support from my wife, Dr. Dalal as my doctor and miss Trishala as my dietician.

I am 32 years old and was diagnosed with diabetes in February 2020. The news hit me really hard, as I was not expecting to have a chronic illness of this sort or any sort for that matter at this young age. After collecting the reports from the path lab, we (me and my wife) headed directly towards the doctor’s clinic. Even today, I clearly remember his dreadful words “you are now a diabetic. This stamp will now be with you for a lifetime”. My wife repeatedly kept refusing it, stating that the condition can be reversed. She learnt this through Google. But to our disappointment, the doctor reinstituted the fact that “diabetes is forever in your life”. If you want to hear that itis reversible, I am sorry, I am not going to say that”. With heavy hearts, we left for our home and I started taking the prescribed medicine and also exercising, as he suggested that I lose some weight. However, by around April, I used to regularly feel giddy, heaviness in the head, during the day time which I feel could be because of a heavy dose of medication. It had become an everyday affair. My wife took the lead and searched for doctors on Practo. Since co-vid had taken a grip on the city and govt restrictions were all over the place, we decided to take online consultation.


My wife contacted Dr. Dalal’s clinic and we got the appointment for the next day. My medication was changed and reduced to lighter doses by Dr. Dalal.

His Teammate dietitian Trishala Goswami, who is a remarkable dietician, asked me to follow a diet plan. The best part about her diet plan was I didn’t have to make many changes to what I was already eating, but clearly enhanced it in many ways.

Trishala made my plan revolve around the food I was eating and foods I liked and did not alter my diet altogether. I kept following the diet plan, exercising regularly, sleeping at the proper time, & not keeping myself awake till late at night. I lost 4 kgs & a few inches with these changes.

The basic idea was to follow a healthy lifestyle holistically, not just focusing on diet or exercise. And yes! I have started “meditation” too. I had my appointments fixed at regular intervals to monitor my sugar levels (all of this was happening online) and every time we met Dr. Dalal, he would just infuse me and my wife with so much of positivity and reassurances that we also became definite about reversing my diabetes.

My dosages started to lower down with every appointment and alas! My medication was stopped.

In August, I got my HbA1C test done [Came down from 11.4% to 5.4%] and I got my sugar levels just as they should be,  NORMAL!!!.Dr Dalal is that Munna Bhai Wala doctor!. He is just out of the league!! He believes in jaadu ki jhappi wala concept!! He treats his patients with a lot of care,  attention and affirmations and he will also add his share of wisdom and experiences whenever required.

I am glad we met him! God bless!!!

Every time we met Dr.Dalal, he would just infuse me and my wife with so much positivity and reassurance that we also became definite about reversing my diabetes.