Diabetes and Travelling

Diabetic patients can comfortably travel short as well as long distances. All you require is good and advanced planning.


Consult your doctor and get a prescription regarding your medicines and fitness for travelling. The doctor will guide you according to the number of days that you would be travelling.

  • Adequate supply of medicines (insulin, oral tablets, other drugs)
  • Adequate materials for self-monitoring (blood sugar checking strips and urine ketone checking strips)
  • Adequate eatable items especially for low sugar attacks.
  • Medicines for common ailments and inter current illness.
  • Current prescription with the generic name of all the drugs.
  • Photo copy of your medical records and keep them along with your medicines for customs clearing at the airport.


While traveling carry medicines as follows :

  • If you are traveling for one month carry medicines supply for two months.
  • Divide your medicine stock in two halves. Carry half stock with your hand luggage on person and carry remaining half with your baggage. In event of loss of luggage, you are secured of your drug supply.


Insulin during travel.

  • DO NOT STOP INSULIN INJECTIONS WHEN TRAVELLING with the fear that it requires refrigeration for preservation.
  • Insulin injections can be kept at room temperature (25o C) with proper precautions for six weeks without refrigeration.
  • Your medicines, insulin injections, syringes may not be available at your destination; hence carry an extra dose of insulin than is usually required.


To protect the vial while travelling follow the given procedure.

  • During travelling wrap the insulin bottle in a plastic bag. Put it in a thermos flask and keep ice in the flask to keep it cool.
  • Once you reach the destination you can keep it in the refrigerator or in a cupboard away from heat and sunlight.
  • If you are in a village (where refrigerator is not available) take a small earthen pot. Do not put water in it. But keep the insulin bottle in it and cover the outer surface with moistened cloth.
  • You can even use insulin coolant pouches were cool temperature can be maintained for 48 hours.