Can Diabetics Consume Rice?

Yes, Diabetics can consume Rice.

By taking proper quantity of rice:

You will not get Diabetes

Your Blood Sugar levels will not rise.

On the flip side By avoiding rice:

Your Diabetes will not be cured

Your Blood Sugar levels will not be lower than what they would have been had you not consumed Rice.

Boiled Rice is better than wheat chapati for four good reasons

Rice has 1 % fat calorie whereas wheat has 4 % fat calorie.

Boiled rice doesn’t require external fat for cooking. Wheat chapatti needs oil from the outside at least for dough preparation.

Rice has more volume when boiled, compared to powdered and roasted wheat.

Boiled rice has a better and higher satiety value than wheat chapati.

Forget the old notion: no rice for the diabetic because it leads to overweight.

1 (15 gm) chapatti = 1/3 Cup boiled cooked rice.