Blood Sugar control with Vegan Diet in a young Type 1 Diabetics life

Gaurav Malvankar is a 28 yrs old male with Type 1 Diabetes since 10 years, very enthusiastic human being, always ready to try different ways to learn and control his Diabetes by staying fit.

He went to UK for his further studies and for work and also learnt a course called DAFNE (Dose Adjustment for Normal Eating) from that time he was eating non vegetarian diet and use to adjust his insulin dose after calculating his carbohydrate content in food by himself and ended up eating more carbs and taking more insulin, but he couldn’t approach the method properly. Because of using DAFNE in wrong way, he was under false understanding that he can eat high carb, high fat food and then counter it with more insulin dose, which was wrong.He came to India to meet family and as he was suffering from numbness in feet so then he consulted Dr. Deepak Dalal. At the time of consultation few parameters were noted, and he was put on Vegan Diet. From where his real journey started, a challenging lifestyle modification for a better health approach. His journey was noted as below.

Date Weight (kgs) Waist (cms) HBA1c (%) Insulin TDD(Total daily Dose)
29/11/17 77 91 9.8 100 units/ day
18/12/17 74 86 30 units/ day
03/03/18 70 82 7.1 30 units/day

During his journey of lifestyle changes he was put on Continous Glucose Monitoring System (CGMS) to monitor diet, exercise and insulin along with the variability in his blood glucose levels. CGMS helped in better understanding of effect of food and diet on blood glucose level throughout the day. He approached the method and followed diet and exercise and with that he could visibly see the changes in Blood glucose levels, his insulin dosage had drastically reduced. Gradually weight and waist also reduced.  So he used the four wheels of life by monitoring blood glucose levels, taking insulin in correct method, eating right food, and exercising everyday and used these four wheels to ride his life car safely.

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