A Newly detected Type 2 Diabetic

A few months back, I woke up to a rude shock of being Type II Diabetes. Having a family history and my craving towards sweets, it was not all unexpected, but then now it was the time to face it.

Lots of advises started pouring in.; Stop this and eat that only, take medicine regularly, you have to be careful now onwards…..Etc…Etc.

As per my sister’s advice, I visited Dr. Deepak Dalal’s Diabetes Care at Juhu. And my impression was that he was not only a Doctor… He was rather a friend or an elder brother. Yes, his talk and explanation about my stage made me quite relaxed about my stage in first place.

After studying my case, he advised me a very few medicine + diet and regular exercise.

Following Doctor’s advised I started my mission to stay fit and in control. Regularly, I visited the clinic with my reports and there was a notable improvement.

However, a clock was constantly tickling at the back of my mind that I am a diabetic and now every time, I have to be careful. I never dreamt of coming out of diabetes and its medications.

On my last visit, after checking all my progress, this mild talking friendly Doctor came up with a shocking information to me: Reduce your weight by 6-7 kgs more and


You will not have to take any medicine!!!

I was really shocked…what are you talking Sir? I have never heard of a person getting rid of this monster just by reducing weight and maintaining diet and that too by stopping the medicine. But he insisted and was firm on his words. Shocked and surprised, I decided to take up the challenge. He showed me results of DIRECT study showing reversal of diabetes in UK.

(Reference : www.thelancet.com Published online December 5, 2017 http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/S0140-6736(17)33102-1)

I am on with his suggestion and keeping my fingers crossed till my next visit in the month of November 2018 and looking forward to carry the tag: “Healthy And Happy Human Being” or you can say a person without Diabetes.