3 Steps to Win a Losing Battle!

Winning a Losing battle! Who wants to lose? We are talking about your body weight! Millions of people are overweight and trying to lose weight and win that battle.

So what does one do? Look through the newspapers, net, sms, whatsapp, or stare at a hoarding or a poster that promises inch loss and weight loss guaranteed, but at a fee! Knowing that it is not real, yet one is tempted to try it.

How wonderful would it be if someone could wave a magic wand over your head and make those extra kilos disappear? But that is not possible.

With a complicated food world, we are surrounded by tasty, affordable food choices, and constantly reminded of food by the media. The combination of too much great-tasting food and too little activity—can make sustained weight loss a challenge. Losing weight takes time and effort.

Being overweight or obese significantly serves as a gateway to many diseases like cardiac, diabetic, kidney and so on. The three step mantra is
1. identify an activity that fits into your life,
2. find physical activities that you enjoy, and
3. look for activities that you can do almost every day.

Imagine if you take a daily ten-minute walk at lunchtime for a year and change nothing else about your eating or activity, you can lose more than five pounds!

Pursue activities that you enjoy such as walking outdoors or doing more structured activities like swimming, bicycling, or aerobics with a favorite exercise tape.

Consistent exercisers get the most benefit, and once you incorporate exercise into your daily life, it becomes second nature.

You don’t have to turn life upside down! Carefully create a plan that is workable for you and your chances of success are greater.

You have to believe that you can do it—that you can lose weight and keep it off. With the right directions and an accurate roadmap, it is possible to avoid the false turns that are so common.

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